American Singles Need To Know That Online Dating Sites Work

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I am not saying all Americans are singles. But I do not know why most people around me happen to be singles. When I say singles it does not mean they are never married. A few of them are divorced. However, a couple of them are never married before and they are in their 40’s. I was curious why they are still singles, no boyfriend or girlfriend. But I did not have the guts to ask them why because I did not want to be nosy.

Finally, the opportunity came along when they asked me where I met my boyfriend. I said I met him from an online dating site. They were surprised and amazed at the same time. They told me they never thought this online dating would work and they were curious to know more about this Internet dating world. Though, I did not have a chance to ask them why they are still single besides I already knew the circle of their daily life; getting up, going to work, and going back home. That is what they do everyday, and that is what they told me. On top of that, I just found out they never believed in online dating before either, at least not until now. I got them going with this new idea of online dating.

I never thought before I would become someone who can give dating advice to people I know. And because I met my boyfriend from online dating site, now they want me to suggest online dating sites to them. I suggested some of online dating services to them. But I first ask them if they are willing to pay to use the services from a dating site. They looked at me smiling and say, no if not necessary. Because they are still not quite sure if this thing will work. If it involves a service fee, they would feel more comfortable and rather pay for the dating agency for that kind of service. I do not blame them for that as I found my boyfriend on a free dating site or free online dating service. It worked for me.

A couple of weeks later, they were both members of a few free online dating sites I suggested. They mentioned that they had a hard time to put their personal ad up because they are not familiar with sharing information about themselves on the Internet, but they are getting better and more comfortable. They mentioned that they have not found anyone yet, but had good opportunities to chat with few other online singles. This experience is new to them and they enjoy and love this moment, but they do not want to put too much hope on it, as they are still new to this Internet dating world. They just take it as it goes to see what happens. At least they now realize that online dating personals might actually work for them. And there is a fat chance to know someone and possibly meet someone through these online dating services which they never thought would be possible before.

Any American singles or any online singles out there who read this article, if you didn’t try this already, I would suggest you to try a free online dating service or even a paid online dating site for yourself. All in all, it worked for me and, hopefully, it works for you as well.

Free Online Dating Sites For American Singles

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There are high numbers of American singles or unmarried Americans. The number of American singles increase every year. And According to U.S. Census Bureau – America’s Families and Living Arrangements 2008: Unmarried and Single Americans Week, there are 95.9 million unmarried Americans 18 and older in 2008; this group comprised 43 percent of all U.S. residents 18 and older, 53 percentage of unmarried Americans 18 and older who were women, 61 Percentage of unmarried Americans 18 or older who had never been married, 15.8 million of unmarried Americans 65 and older, 87 of unmarried men 18 and older for every 100 unmarried women in the United States, 52.9 million of households maintained by unmarried men and women which these households comprised 45 percent of households nationwide, and 32.2 million of people who lived alone which comprised 28 percent of all households, up from 17 percent in 1970. That is awful a lot of American singles.  Why are there so many unmarried and American singles? Who knows, but how many online dating sites and services available to serve unmarried and American singles? Not enough, I believe, especially, a free online dating service or a free online dating site.

Although, there are already plenty of paid online dating sites which singles have to pay to create personal ad and use all the dating services and features, but most Americans do not want or cannot afford to pay for a service. Besides most Americans tend to work hard and have no time to look for dating. Nevertheless, there are only few big free online dating sites available but not all targeting specifically on singles in America. Free online dating sites and free online dating services are obviously needed  for American singles. And those free dating sites and services that are already out there should be well promoted in public and be aware by American singles. Fortunately, there are quite a few of free online dating sites nowadays that offer nice features or pretty much all of the features you can get from paid online dating sites for free. The features are such as instant messaging, chat room, webcam chat, private messaging, upload music and video, add friend and favorites, view admirers and visitors, and etc. So there is no need to pay for online dating anymore. And it is recommended to have profile on several free dating sites which will increase the chance of getting noticed by other online singles.

So in order to help American singles to find their loved one, we need more free and good online dating sites and services. This, of course, will substantially help Americans to be able to find their loved one while living with their busy life.

How To Be Very Successful At Online Dating

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When it comes to online dating, either you use paid or free online dating service.  There are some steps to follow to be more successful in finding your other half.  I have noticed the ineffective way online singles use to create their personal ad on an online dating site.  Lots of them are ignoring the fact that they already put some time and investment into this online dating but poorly present themselves through the personal ad.  These are the steps, not necessarily in orders, that I see important to address and can be used as a guideline.

1. Upload your photo on your profile. I believe this is one of the most important things to do.  A picture is worth a thousand words, and it’s absolutely true.  Create your first impression with your photos, and it can lead to the first conversation and possible relationship that you hope for.  Profiles without photos will be ignored instantly even if you have a good profile about yourself.  But make sure you have a few good photos of yourself and they should not have other people in them because this is your profile not your friends.  A nice smiling photo is recommended.  It creates good impression and shows your personality.

2. You now have a nice photo or two of yourself, but that is not it.  Your profile details need some information about yourself.  Describe briefly about who you are in general, what you would like to do in the future, what are your interests, and what you are looking for in life.  Do not get too deep in your personal life.  It will get boring fast and turn the prospective candidates away.  Also, do not give too much sensitive information about yourself such as, your real name, address, and phone number on your profile. You should never be too careful about this.

3. Most online singles including American singles do not know or pay attention to this.  You need to sign in to your profile regularly.  The more often you come back, the more exposure to your profile.  I have noticed most online dating sites giving priority to the latest login profiles, thus those profiles will be on top of the search result and that is how your profile gets more noticed than inactive profiles.

4. If a free online dating site you join has a forum, it is a good idea to take advantage of it.  Introducing yourself on the forum is a good way to promote yourself and communicate with others.  It’s also a good place to exchange ideas, ask questions, or get some advice.  You might gain some good friends on here and it can develop to relationship.

5. Blogging is a potential tool to present yourself, show your interests, and so on.  It’s proven to be the effective method to network yourself with others.  You can also show your personality through blogging.  Others might have the same interest and perhaps like your personality. One thing can lead to another, and before you know it, you might find your loved one through your blogs.

There are probably some other tips not included in here.  These steps are merely based on personal experience and can only be used as a guideline.  And hopefully it can be useful to some if not all.

Online Dating – The Best Way To Meet Singles

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In the past before the Internet era, American singles would end up marrying someone they knew from their lives. Most of the time, school boys or girls ended up marrying  their high schools sweetheart. Or if they went to college they would end up marrying their college sweet heart or with someone at work after college. But sooner or later they would end up getting divorced because they didn’t know any better. They were hoping the person they were married with was the one. Although, not all cases whose marriage went sour. But based on my own observing experience, there were a good number of them who could not make it last and got separated few years after. It’s sad, but true, and we cannot blame them of their marriage failure. Why? That is because the lack of opportunity to meet others besides boys or girls next door. The limitation of getting to know others beyond their neighborhood back then closed their eyes to explore and the opportunity to actually find their real soul mate.

Thanks to the Internet and technology, finding love now has no boundary with Internet dating. Internet dating or online dating might be new to lots of people but it has been around for over a decade now. There are lots of online dating sites nowadays which contain tons of candidates to choose from. This makes the dating better than ever. There are lots of online singles available to browse, chat, and possibly to meet. With online dating, location is not a major obstacle anymore for singles to get to know each other. This makes the online dating even better with the opportunity and experience that folks in the past never had. And you can do all this at home and at your own convenient time.

However, there are some doubts about dating someone online especially when you have to pay to use the services. Because you do not know if it will work the way you hope, thus you are not sure if it is worth paying or not. You might have heard of Online dating proven to be successful to lots of people and it is worth trying. So to make it easy for people who might be hesitated in entering this online dating arena, there is a free online dating site and free online dating service to try without paying anything. Yes, you can create personal ad for free and it is worth checking out as you have got nothing to lose but you might gain the love of your life. There is no guarantee but be hopeful and positive about it. Remember everything is possible. So try to take the advantage of this online dating site and make the best out of it in your own and comfortable way.